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Serving you for over 35 years...
  Precision Engine Parts is one of the largest and oldest manufactures of automotive High Performance and OEM parts. For over 35 years, we have supplied machine shops and engine builders worldwide.

     A pioneer in the use of super-alloy materials, PEP has won many awards for quality control achievments in what is perhaps the most exciting industry in the world. That experience has prompted many racing teams to consult with our engineering staff in the use of super-alloy materials.
     We are also proud of the fact that quality engine builders are proclaiming our products as the finest ever used. PEP is dedicated to provide our customers with quality Valve Guides and Valve Seats at the lowest prices possible.
     PEP relocated to Las Vegas Nevada in 1994 and manufactures all bronze guides at this facility. This has enhanced our ability to produce custom parts as required by our customers, saving both time and money.
     We now have the lowest prices on Crankshafts, Connecting Rods, SFI Flexplates, SFI Balancers, Roller Rockers, Performance Cylinder Heads, and related components.

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